October 26, 2016

The death of a loved one is a painful and delicate time, but it would be important to know what administrative and legal steps must be done to be prepared, in Spain:

1º. - Obtaining the medical death certificate issued by the doctor who treated the deceased or any other physician who recognizes the body. Normally will be granted by the hospital or by the funeral home. Once you have the original, will be very convenient legitimate 4/5 copies of the document before a public Notary.

2º. -Inscription of death in the Civil Registry within the following the death 24 hours. This step will issue the license burial or cremation.

3º.- Burial: choice of coffin, transfers, flowers, ceremony and everything you need to bid farewell to a loved one, usually organized by the funeral company.

4º.- Certification of acts of last will: when fifteen days have passed, (15), since the death, in order to know if there is will and know the name of the notary responsible. Could be applied by you lawyer or notary.

5º.- Certification of insurance: if you have insurance, contact your insurance company with you to start procedures for compliance with guarantees. Could be applied by you lawyer or notary.

6º. - Obtaining the declaration of will or heirs: If there was no will, the declaration must be done before a Public Notary in case of direct first-degree family father / mother, wife / husband or children-, the deceased, or at the Court. Your lawyer must prepare on your behalf all this documentation, in both cases.

7º.- To accept or reject the inheritance. To accept or to refuse the inheritance, it has to appear at the Notary's office, and your attorney will prepare all the documentation for, to prepare finally, the notarial document.

8º.- Payment of taxes related to inheritance: inheritance tax within six months; Plusvalía tax in case of receiving property, in one month; since the signature of the acceptance of the inheritance Deed.

9º.- Registration of properties in the Land Registry Office or where appropriate: for example, in the case of receiving a car, you have to register it in the Traffic Department .

10º. - Procedures for obtaining the pension, widowhood, orphan hood, death grant or subsidy for families: for what will be necessary to go to the centres and information of the Social Security Offices, what you can do it with the help and professional assistance of you legal advisers.

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